Grinding Linear Guide Way LG-51003
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Grinding Linear Guide Way LG-5100

Equipment characteristics
1. Linear guideway rail type 9, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 55, 65
2. The machine with overall high-rigidity structure design, combined with the X-axis cylinder to transport forth and back up to 30M per minute, can obtain the best production efficiency and accuracy.

3. The machine with the gantry structure is matched with cast iron, which is reliable in quality and stable in durability!
4. The belt-type grinder spindle has high rigidity, high precision, low vibration, low cost. It is convenient installation and easy maintenance, and still hold stable and reliable when in high-speed rotating processing.
5. Use a laser autocollimator to confirm the axial accuracy to ensure the machining accuracy and have good workpiece quality after grinding.
6. The spindle of the grinding wheel and the CBN diamond dressing are equipped with an airtight sealing system so that moisture and chips will not enter the bearing, ensuring a long service life.


Conversational and customizable operation interface

Language : Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/English
Operation interface: touch dialogue
Control system: Six axis Syntec, Fanuc or Mitsubishi (optional)


Linear guideway railType9,12,15,20,25,30,35,45,55,65
Processing partRail groove
Machine capacityWork table area(W*L)mm150×4245 or others
Magnetic chuck areammCustomer Request
Distance from wheel bottom to work table(Y,V axis)mmCustomer Request
Twin spindle powerSpindle speedrpm1200 ~ 2200
Dimension of wheelmmCustomer Request
X axis longitudinal movementStrokemmCustomer Request
Cylinder power(dia.);ball screw(opt.)mmYaskawa ,Fanuc (Opt.) or others
Table speedm/min30
W,Z axis cross movement forward/backwardStrokemmCustomer Request
Servo motorkwYaskawa ,Fanuc (Opt.) or others
Max speedm/min2
The least input incrementmm0.001
Y,V axis wheel head up/downStrokemmCustomer Request
Servo motorkwYaskawa or Fanuc (Opt.) or others
Max speedm/min2
The least input incrementmm0.001
Grinding Wheel DresserDimension of Diamond DressermmCustomer Request
Max Speedrpm3500
Motor with inverterhp*p2×4 (siemens motor)
Machine weightPacking weight (excluding accessories such as cutting fluid machine)kgs33000
Machine size Machine size (excluding accessories such as cutting fluid machine)mm12500×3500×3300 (X×Y×Z)

  1. Description is optional accessories.
  2. To research and improve our company keep the right of changing design and structure at any time, this data is just for reference.