Linear Guide Carriage Grinder MG-4503
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Linear Guide Carriage Grinder MG-450

Equipment characteristics (With Auto Pallet Change)
1. Linear guide carriage type 15, 20, 25, 30, 35.
2. This machine has double-spindle, with two worktables of 350 (L) * 550 (W), and two rows of workpieces can be placed at the same time, which can be used for groove and chamfer grinding to increase production.

3. Double-spindle machining with double-dressing to improve processing speed and output.
4. Double spindles can process different workpiece specifications to achieve a small number of diverse goals
5. With the APC device, the machine can process and place the workpieces at the same time, which can shorten the working time. One operator can manage four machines at the same time.
6. Machine with built-in spindle, adopting M22 screw fixed post grinding wheel, still sustain stable and reliable while in high-speed rotating processing.
7. Machine with Japanese-made screw linear guide and Japanese-made motor and European optical ruler can ensure processing quality
8. Machine with the gantry structure is matched with cast iron, which is reliable in quality and stable in durability!

Conversational and customizable operation interface
Language : Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/English
Operation interface: touch dialogue
Control system: Syntec, Fanuc or Mitsubishi (optional)


Linear guide carriage type15,20,25,30,35
Processing partSlider groove
Servo axis numberFive axis servo
Worktable specificationsNumber of magnetic chuck on workbenchpc2
Magnetic chuck area of worktablemm350(L) x 550(W), or others
550 (wide) can put two rows of workpieces, one side can put 13 carriages of 15 type, One row on each side
Workbench auto pallet change(APC)rotate to and fro 180∘, cycle time, 7-8 sec
Double spindle systemBuilt-in high-frequency spindlekw=10/13
Dressing spindle systemkw0.75
Motion axial systemX axis_strokemmCustomer Request
X axis_rapid feed ratem/minCustomer Request
X axis_rapid feed ratem/min=15
X axis_grinding feed speedm/min<3
X axis_servo motor powerkw4.4
Y1, Y2 axis_strokemmCustomer Request
Y1, Y2 axis_rapid feed ratem/min10
Y1, Y2 axis_grinding feed speedm/min<3
Y1, Y2 axis_servokw=2.9
Z1, Z2 axis_strokemmCustomer Request
Z1, Z2 axis_rapid feed ratem/min10
Z1, Z2 axis_grinding feed speedm/min<3
Z1, Z2 axis_servo + brake motor powerkw1.8
weightGross weightKgs5800
Package dimensions(L×W×H)mm3700×3650×3700

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