CNC Grinding Machine SG-80403
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CNC Grinding Machine SG-8040

Equipment characteristics
1. Stable left and right workbench
2. Flat grinding and molding grinding are easy to complete
3. High rigid structure design and automatic oil return equipment system
4. Humanized CNC control system

1. Stable left and right workbench
"The left and right worktable of this machine adopt V-shaped and flat design with slide rails. The sliding surface adopts the most advanced friction and wear-resistant Turcite B (wear-resistant sheet) and is processed by precision shoveling.
With a low-resistance cylinder for high-speed movement back and forth, making high-precision grinding possible."

2. Flat grinding and molding grinding are easy to complete
"Upper-lower spindle head and front-rear bed bases are equipped with high-precision and high-rigidity linear rails, matched with AC servo motors to drive ball screws.
Fully achieve the multi-purpose of one machine."

3. High rigid structure design and automatic oil return equipment system
Made of FC30 high-grade cast iron, after annealing and natural aging treatment, the internal stress is completely eliminated, the accuracy of the machine is permanently maintained, and with the lubricant system that the lubricating oil automatically flows back to the oil tank. Reduce oil waste and increase the value of machine use.

4. Humanized CNC control system
The advanced and powerful PC Base controller can control 2-5 axis simultaneous movements. It is compatible with the operation formula developed by ARCH LIGHT. It has high affinity and easy operation. It is suitable for various grinding needs.


Wheel Dresser Spindle


Conversational and customizable operation interface
Language : Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/English
Operation interface: touch dialogue
Control system: Syntec, Fanuc or Mitsubishi (optional)



Processing capacityTable area (width x length)mm400x800 or others
Maximum grinding areamm400x800 or others
The maximum distance from the work surface to the spindle centermmCustomer Request
Worktable left and right feedThe maximum speed of the table movesm/minCustomer Request
Saddle bed feed forward and backwardMoving speedm/min10
Minimum setting unitmm0.001
Wheel head feed up and downMoving speedm/ min12 
Minimum setting unitmm0.001
Grinding wheelSpindle speedrpm0 ~ 4000 or others
Wheel sizemmCustomer Request
Motor capacityWheel spindlehp7.5
Hydraulic pumpkw3.7
Saddle bed forward and backward servokw0.8
Wheel head lift servokw1.8
Machine Weightkgs6400
Machine volume LxWxHmm1930x3320x2400

Standard accessoriesSpecial accessories
1Grinding wheel (Ø355x50xØ127) *11.  Electromagnetic chuck for table
2Flange for grinding wheel *12.  Wheel dresser system
3Catalogue and manual *13.  Single point dresser
4Leveling adjustment screw *94.  Angle Dresser
5Footpad *95.  Chip Magnetic Seperator+Paper      Filter
6Toolbox and Tools *1 set
7Tool light lamp(24V) *1
8Half cover waterproof cover
  1. Description is optional accessories.
  2. To research and improve our company keep the right of changing design and structure at any time, this data is just for reference.