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Broach Grove Grinder MG-1800A

Equipment characteristics
1. Grinding type: The total length of the workpiece of the arc face broach is 1000; the length of the grinding tooth is 800, the total length of the round bar broach is 1800 mm; the length of the grinding tooth is 1600 mm

2. Using PC BASE controller, compound type special machine for grinding inner arc surface and round bar broach using the fourth axis
3. With CBN grinding wheel automatic sanding system

Inner arc noodle broach


Round bar broach



Conversational and customizable operation interface
Language : Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/English
Operation interface: touch dialogue

Control system: Syntec, Fanuc or Mitsubishi (optional)


Types of grinding1. The total length of the inner arc surface broach workpiece is 1000; the grinding tooth length is 800,
2. The total length of the round bar broach workpiece is 1800; the grinding tooth length is 1600
Servo axis numberFour axis servo
XYZ axle movementX-axle maximum feed speedm/min15
X-axle travel (Workpiec length)mm1600
Y-axle maximum feed speedm/min10
Y-axle travel(Spindle up and down)mm350
Z-axle maximum feed speedm/min10
Z-axle travel(Spindle forword and backword)mm300
Motor outputX-axle servokw220V 4.4
Y-axle servokw220V 1.8
Z-axle servokw220V 2.9
Wheel spindlekw220V 7.5
A-axle servokw220V 1.3
Dressing spindlehp220V 1/2
Cooling machinehp220V 1 1/4
Filter machinew220V 25
Grinding WheelMaximum speedrpm2000 ~ 12000
Outer diametermm120-230
Dressing spindleMaximum speedrpm1720
Outside Diametermm150
Machine volume W x L x Hmm4500 * 2500 * 2500
Machine weightKgw6500


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