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Linear Guide Carriage Grinder MG-6070

Equipment characteristics (single electric disk type)
1. Grinding linear slider specifications 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 type slider
2. This machine has dual-spindle processing, with a long worktable of 600 (length) * 550 (width), and two rows of workpieces can be placed at the same time. It can be used for groove and chamfer grinding of long and short slides to increase production.

3. The machine tool has a door-type fixed structure: cast iron bed, cast iron beam and column (integrated structure), good retention, good vibration resistance of the whole machine, and high manufacturing of the whole machine.

4. In addition to the Z axial table, the X, Y & U, and V axes are equipped with optical scales, which directly perform displacement detection and fully closed-loop control, which improves the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the machine tool.

5. The grinding wheel spindle adopts a high-precision built-in electric spindle, with an independent constant temperature cooling system, and is equipped with an airtight sealing system. Water vapor and chips will not enter the bearing and have a longer service life.

6. Double spindle, X, Y axis and U, V axis structure, each axis is independent control axis, and it is fully closed loop control


Grinding linear slider specifications15,20,25,30,35 type
Optical scale (Y1, Y2 axis_stroke) optionalFAGOR or Heidenhain
Processing partSlider bead groove
Servo axis numberFive axis servo
Work table specificationsNumber of workbenchesPC1
Workbench areamm600(L) * 550(W)
550 (wide) can put two rows of workpieces, one side can put 13 blocks of 15 type slide, One row on each side
T-slot spacing and numbermm200 x 2
T-slot sizemm18
Maximum loadable weightkg>250
Double spindle systemBuilt-in grinding spindle systemkw=10/13
Sand repairing spindle systemKw0.75
Sand repairing spindle sizemmØ35g5 x 65L
Motion axial systemX axis_strokemm690
X axis_rapid feed ratem/min15
X axis_cutting feed movement speedm/min<3
X axis_Servo motor powerkw

yaskawa1500 rpm
X axis_Ball guide screw and linear guidePrecisionMade in Japan (THK)
Linear linear rail + ball screw C7 grinding
Y1, Y2 axis_strokemmSeparate 250
Y1, Y2 axis_rapid feed ratem/min10
Y1, Y2 axis_cutting feed movement speedm/min<3
Y1, Y2 axis_servokw

yaskawa1500 rpm
Y1, Y2 axis_Ball guide screw and linear guidePrecisionMade in Japan (THK)
Linear linear rail + ball screw C3 grinding
Z1, Z2 axis_strokemmSeparate 135
Z1, Z2 axis_rapid feed ratem/min10
Z1, Z2 axis_cutting feed movement speedm/min<3
Z1, Z2 axis_servo + brake motor powerkw
yaskawa1500 rpm
Z1, Z2 axis_ball screw and linear guide PrecisionMade in Japan (THK)
Linear linear rail + ball screw C3 grinding
weightMachine weight kgs5500
Gross weight kgs5800
Packing size (H×L×H) mm3650×3700×3700
Linear Guide Series Grinder 1297318