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Broach Grove Grinder MG-850

Equipment characteristics
1. Grinding types The total length of the workpiece is 1050, and the length of the groove can be 950
2. Broach groove or blade grinding machine

3. The customized operation screen can be designed according to the customer's processing flow to facilitate operation
4. Use 8,000rpm high-precision spindle, deflection within 0.002 to complete high-quality processing
5. The rapid sand repairing mechanism shortens the process production time and improves production efficiency
6. With precision fourth axis and elastic tailstock, the indexing rotation processing accuracy is high




Conversational and customizable operation interface
Language : Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/English
Operation interface: touch dialogue
Control system: Syntec, Fanuc or Mitsubishi (optional)


Types of grinding1. Total length of workpiece 1050
2. Grinding groove length 950
XYZ axis movementX axis maximum feed speedm/min15
Machining stroke around X axismm850
Y axis maximum feed speedm/min10
Y axis can be processed up and downmm200
Z axis maximum feed speedm/min10
Machining stroke before and after Z axismm250
Motor outputX axis left and right servokwMade in japan 2.9
Y axis up and down servokwMade in japan 1.8
Z axis servokwMade in japan 2.9
Grinding wheel spindle motorkw5
A axis servo motorkwMade in japan 2.9
Taiwan gold sanding motorhp1/2HP 4P
Cutting fluid pump & paper bag & powder filter motorHP & W & W1/6 & 25 & 25
Oil mist recovery motorkw0.56
Wheel spindleAxle diameter of grinding wheelmmØ31.75
Use range of grinding wheel diametermmØ120~Ø230
Maximum speedrpm6000
Taiwan gold sanding motorTaiwan gold shaft core diameter/outer diameterrpmØ31.75 / Ø150
Maximum speedrpm3000
Machine volume WxLxHmm2630*4230*2170
Machine weightkg6500
Broach Series Grinder 1297818