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Carriage Grinder in Single Array MG-360H-F

Equipment characteristics
1. Grinding linear slider specifications 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 55, 65 type slider
2. High-precision built-in spindle design with high rigidity and high-precision three-axis main structure, good stability
3.Humanized CNC control system, advanced and powerful PC Base controller, with operating program developed by Jusheng, high affinity, easy operation, suitable for various changing grinding needs.


Conversational and customizable operation interface
Language : Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/English
Operation interface: touch dialogue
Control system: Syntec, Fanuc or Mitsubishi (optional)



Grinding linear slider specifications15,20,25,30,35,45,55,65 type
Processing partSlider bead groove
Servo axis numberThree axis servo
Grinding table size (width x length)mm150×450
Maximum height of grinding table to spindlemm80
Table Speed in X Direction(Right/Left)m/min1~5 (Hydraulic drive)
Max Table Speed in Y Direction(Forward/Backward)m/min1.5
Max Spindle Speed in Z Direction(Up/Down)m/min1.5
Y axis bed feed horsepower (Before and after)w0.75(AC servo)+Reducer
Z axis spindle seat feed horsepower
(up and down)
w1   (AC servo)+Reducer
Servo feed displacement/hand wheel per divisionmm(×1) 0.002  (×5) 0.01  (×10) 0.02
Grinding wheel size and grinding wheel rodmm25(D)×M6P1×L20
Maximum speed of grinding wheelrpm36000
Built-in high frequency main motorkw13
Hydraulic pump motorhp1HP/6P
Spindle oil coolerkcal/hr2000
Integrated paper belt filter(Optional)hp+W1/4+50
Oil mist collector(Optional)kw0.56
Net weight of machinekg2650
Machine packing weightkg2800
Machine size(L×W×H)mm3000×2150×2150
Packing size (L×W×H)mm3500×2260×2250
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